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Bed races are back this year for Beachcomber Days 2019!  


Racing excitement will be held on Sunday afternoon.  Registration will be done on the day of the event.  There will be no fee to register. 

There will be no discrimination in this event based on size, color, shape, age, gender, hair color, orientation or religion.

If necessary, multiple heats can be held within each division.

Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.  Additional recognition for best-made, most originally decorate, or others may be awarded at the sole determination of the judge or judges.  Keep in mind that anyone crazy enough to judge bed races may decide on some crazy awards….

Official Rules for Bed Race

  1. Five person teams with one alternate

  2. At least one sleeper on bed at all times during race

  3. Sleeper must were a helmut or protection

  4. Conveance must mimic a bed in some way

  5. Twin size beds with head board and footboard

  6. Mattress or foam at least 4 inches thick

  7. Pushing beds only no pulling all four wheels must touch the ground

  8. No brakes and no steering

  9. Any size wheel are allowed

  10. All five team members must cross finish line with the bed in order to have a win

  11. No obscene items on the bed

  12. Each member must sign a waver of liability during registration

  13. Decorate your bed and have appropiate costumes if desired

  14. Team entry fee $25.00

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