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Treasure Chest Drawing is Tuesday.  Winner will be notified on Wednesday .  
Prizes can be picked up at the Wednesday market or arrangements made.


Buy your tickets for your chance to win!!  More prizes to come!


1.  Anja- Tupperware basket

2.  BCD key chain

3.  Beach Daisy Wine- 2019 Pinot Noir

4.  Beachside Buzz- coffee gift certificate

5.  Beachside Buzz- coffee gift certificate

6.  Beachside Buzz- coffee gift certificate

7.   Beachside Buzz- coffee gift certificate and gift basket

8.  Beachside Buzz- coffee gift certificate and gift basket

9.  Beachside Buzz- coffee gift certificate and gift basket

10.  Beachside Buzz- coffee gift certificate and gift basket

11.  Beachside Buzz- coffee gift certificate and gift basket

12.  Beachside Buzz- coffee gift certificate and gift basket

13.  Beachside Buzz- coffee gift certificate and gift basket

14.  Becky Lowe- painted humming bird feeder

15.  Carrie Patton- heart rock resin art with stand

16.  CASA- Oregon Ducks t-shirt size XL

17.  Children’s Golf Set

18.  Cindy Meier- small wall hanging “Free Flowers”

19.  Colleen Craig- Blue coil cloth basket

20.  Daniel Wyman- Saw tree

21.  Daniel Wyman- Tree of Life

22.  Diamonds In The Rough- Headband

23.  Diamonds In The Rough- Headband

24.  Diamonds In The Rough- L Black T-shirt

25.  Diamonds In The Rough- L Pink Sweatshirt

26.  Diamonds In The Rough- XL Black Sweatshirt

27.  Diamonds In The Rough- XL Purple T-shirt

28.  Diane Williams- dog bowl pad knitted

29.  Diane Williams- dog coat & blanket

30.  Diane Williams- L dog coat and pillow

31.  Eager Beaver Furniture Store- Sustainable art metal tree

32.  Gary Meier- small wooden bowl

33.  Gator Golf

34.  Headband (purple knitted)

35.  Home Is Where The Heart Is plaque

36.  Keith Stevens- Ready Wise Survival Kit

37.  Kirsten Bartell- apron

38.  Lazy Dayz Cafe $20 gift certificate

39.  Lazy Dayz Cafe $25 gift certificate

40.  Lazy Dayz Cafe $25 gift certificate

41.  Lazy Dayz Cafe $50 gift certificate

42.  Love Is Kind” wooden heart wall hanging

43.  Love You to the Beach & Back” wooden sign

44.  Marjorie Bloom- 31 bags- Mermaid Treasure pouch

45.  Marjorie Bloom- Thirty one Bag

46.  Mayhem Charters- Lingcod or Rockfish Fishing Trip for one value $275

47.  Mayhem Charters- Lingcod or Rockfish Fishing Trip for one value $275

48.  Merica- necklace

49.  Merica- necklace

50.  Merica- necklace

51.  Mo Jo! gift certificate

52.  Mo Jo! gift certificate

53.  Newport Veterinarian gift basket

54.  Oregon Mask Mom Dana- heated rice neck bag

55.  Perfect Putt Kit

56.  Rachelle Emigh- small lantern

57.  Rina Jo- Gnome air plant

58.  Rouge Hand Sanitizer- souvenir bottle

59.  Rouge Hand Sanitizer- souvenir bottle

60.  Salty Dawg gift certificate

61.  Salty Dawg gift certificate

62.  Salty Dawg gift certificate

63.  Salty Dawg gift certificate

64.  Salty Dawg gift certificate

65.  Salty Dawg gift certificate

66.  Salty Dawg gift certificate

67.  Salty Dawg gift certificate

68.  Salty Dawg gift certificate

69.  Salty Dawg gift certificate

70.  Sea Note gift certificate

71.  Sea Note gift certificate

72.  Sea Note gift certificate

73.  Sea Note gift certificate

74.  Sea Note gift certificate

75.  Sea Note gift certificate

76.  Sea Note gift certificate

77.  Sea Note gift certificate

78.  Sea Note gift certificate

79.  Sea Note gift certificate

80.  Shannon Heisler- Ukarine t-shirt and necklace

81.  Steve Newton- collectable wooden car

82.  Styx, Stones n Bones Amethyst Crystal- Value $200

83.  Sue Chittenden- framed glass art- Christmas Tree

84.  Sue Riggs- home made beanie

85.  Sue Riggs- home made beanie

86.  Sue Riggs- home made beanie

87.  Tastefully Simple- Let’s Party Food Box

88.  Thompson’s Nursery- $40 gift certificate

89.  TiAnne Rios- Moose handmade quilt

90.  Toppers Ice Cream & Candy $10 gift certificate

91.  Waldport Business Centre- wooden dog for a shelf

92.  Waldport Eye Care- $500 gift certificate

93.  Waldport Friends of the Library Year membership + Free books

94.  Water color framed painting of Alsea Bay Bridge by a local artist

95.  Wooden entry wya hook

96.  Yachats Inn- gift certificate one night stay

97.  Well Read Books gift basket

98.  Yellow metal water bottle

99.  Darline’s jewelry

100.  Darline’s jewelry

101.  Darline’s jewelry

102.  Darline’s jewelry

103.  Darline’s jewelry

104.  Darline’s jewelry

105.  Darline’s jewelry

106.  Darline’s jewelry

107.  Darline’s jewelry

108.  Darline’s jewelry

109.  Darline’s jewelry

110.  Darline’s jewelry

111.  Darline’s jewelry

112.  Darline’s jewelry

113.  Darline’s jewelry

114.  Darline’s jewelry

115.  Darline’s jewelry

116.  Darline’s jewelry

117.  Darline’s jewelry

118.  Darline’s jewelry

119.  Darline’s jewelry

120.  Darline’s jewelry

121.  Darline’s jewelry

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